Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can I tell ya having 2 is twice as crazy ;)

So, little man was born the day before Valentine's Day. I was induced and he almost made his original due date after 36 hrs of waiting. Glad I went a day early. He was born 9lbs 10oz!!! We were in shock. Explains my huge belly ;)

I finished his nursery!!!!!!!! Honestly...I didn't think I would get it done. I self drafted all of my patterns for his bedding and I taught myself how to upholster the glider/ottoman. Which turned out soft and chocolaty. Nothing like the denim it once I also made a matching pillow, 4 pictures, and curtains. Every time I tuck him in I want to get in. The comforter is so soft and warm. Pictures, pictures...

We took a trip to Washington to see my family and introduce little man to my family. The boys are getting along great. The little man is already about to start walking!
I have been doing huge custom orders for friends and family. Diaper bags, nursing covers, key fobs, bibs, booties, coordinating blankets for my friends twins soon to arrive. Anyway..I'm still around and kicking ;) Slightly exhausted and missing my sewing time. But, we've been blessed with our family of four and it takes time to make that happen! So, keep a watch out for new items and posts. Also, email me if you would like a custom order. I still fit those in my busy schedule for my customers.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Making Room For Baby

He's fast approaching. Only 5 1/2 weeks left until he makes his arrival on Valentine's Day. I still have plans to design and sew his crib bedding and now I will be reupholstering a glider I bought. Wish me luck ;) It will be my first try at upholstery. But, it doesn't seem like it will be too hard.

The crib bedding should be adorable. I'm planning to mix chocolate browns, baby blue and lime green. I'll post a picture when/if it gets Crazy how fast 9 months (actually 10) can pass by.

I have had a lot of custom orders lately. So, I had to get those done first. I made my first article of clothing for my son. I drafted a pattern for lounge jammy pants. Made him three pairs for Christmas. He loves them! Planning to make a couple matching pairs for his brother. Start the bonding early ;) Nice to finally have tackled clothes. Much better than expected. Funny part is I bought a pattern for them and then tossed it. My brain works better at it's own design. Plus fit is always important. That pattern looked like it would be too big.

Happy New Year!!! Hope your holiday season was memorable.