Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wristlet Style Key Fobs aka KeyChains ~ Perfect Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Just introduced to the "Get Carried Away" line.

Coordinating wristlet style key fobs. These were designed with a friend in mind. She had purchased a key fob and it wouldn't fit over her wrist. Her wrist was average size too! I figured she couldn't be the only one out there with the same problem. So, I went to the design board and designed with women and moms in mind. They are all ample sized. Perfect for moms on the go that don't have an extra hand for carrying keys. Slip it on your wrist and go!

Perfect gift for any woman in your life. Moms, teens, teachers, co-workers, girlfriends, your favorite waitress, hairdresser or bank teller. Just the right sized present for stocking stuffers too.


1 1/4" wide

5 1/4" long (5" opening)

Nickel Plated Hardware

1" Split Key Ring (all of them come with a key ring)

I will be taking custom orders as well. Order soon since Christmas is just around the corner.

Friday, November 23, 2007's been awhile!

So, a lot has happened since the last post. Which I can't believe was that long ago. It's official we are having another boy! So, exciting. Wish we could just pick a Not sure why it's so difficult to pick a name this time around. He's an active little guy. I'm already in the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy. It's flying by. I really need to start prepping the nursery and designing his crib bedding and my diaper bag!

My first craft show was a success! I shared a booth with a friend. Turned out perfect. The traffic came in waves. But, I sold quite a bit. It was a little stressful getting ready for the show. But, completely worth. Can't wait for the next one. Here are some pictures of my half of the booth. I was worried I wouldn't have enough to fill it up. I was wrong. these pictures are after a lot of stock had been sold too!

The compliments were amazing. People couldn't get over how pretty the bibs were. Worried about them getting dirty. I had to reassure them that they are completely washable. I sold almost all of my bibs at the show. The key fobs were another big seller. I still need to list them in my store.

Keep your eye on my shop. I'll be loading it full before the holidays ;)

Monday, September 17, 2007

More Cherries for a Custom Order

Isn't that the cutest set???
I was playing around with the booties and made matching bows for the tops and stitched them down tight. Thought that made the cherries on the soles pop.
My friend had the set made for a co-worker who was just approved the adoption of a preemie baby girl!
So, we're getting closer to finding out what we're having!!! On next Tuesday we should know the sex of our little bean. I can't wait. Feels like the month and a week has dragged on and We had a slow weekend around here. But, I got lots of cleaning done this morning. Now that's super exciting. I'm about to start working on another bag. Hmmm...what should I design this time???

It feels like Fall here already or at least it did this weekend. Although, it's going back up into the upper 80s this week. I went and bought some pumpkin puree to make a loaf of pumpkin bread. Yummy! I'm not a big fan of pumpkin pie. Texture thing. But, I like the taste of it in sweets. My friend made these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last year and they were so yummy. That's when I realized I do actually like

I have a feeling a baking spree will be coming soon. Since I found another recipe for soft oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Since I have been pregnant I can't pass the bakery section of the grocery store without buying something. Explains why I'm finally starting to gain some weight. Lately it's been cinnamon rolls with a ton of cream cheese frosting smothered all over them. Probably not the best choice. But, they're so good and I just have to pop them in the microwave to get them gooey ;) After all that talk maybe I need some lunch. Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cherry, Cherry Bib - The latest

Don't you just love cherries?
I just finished this bib up last night. Thought it turned out rather cute ;) Reminds me of the fabric on the clothes the Cabbage Patch Kids would have came in. That little puff flower I spent a bunch of time on. But, it looks so cute. I was going to do two little puffs with a stem. But, figured that would be cherry overload.
I thought it looked cute next to the Red Riding Hood Diaper Bag.
It's in my shop now. Move fast because that last two were swiped up within a day. Only $10!!

I did some minor fabric shopping this past weekend. Got to love a Labor Day fabric sale! Got some new fabrics that I am looking forward to creating new items with. I was in a vintage mood. So, that will be seen in some of the new items. Can you believe Christmas is less than 4 months away??? I just realized that what I listed on etsy today. Better get myself off the computer and onto the sewing machine.

Still counting down till I find out the sex of the baby. I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow. I am eager to design a diaper bag specifically for me. It's been so long since I had a little baby to carry stuff around for. But, the bag has to be able to cater to my sons needs too. He's only 3 1/2. But, he needs the usuals. Drink, fruit snacks, and a toy. Just need to find out what I'm having so I can pick the fabric and start drafting the design. I don't like a huge bag to carry around. Can't believe my first diaper bag I picked out was an overnighter! I figured the bigger the better...right...oh so wrong! Only used it for trips. Live you learn. I'll be sure to post my bag for the mom of 2 when it's done.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another bib just Listed- Love Pink & Chocolate Brown!

It's all girl related lately! It could be that I am lazy and don't want to change the
This one turned out so cute. I actually made the little puffy flower by hand. Reminds me of those cute pin cushions. I was going to do a little stuffed circle. But, thought that would be too much and went with a flower. I really like that these bibs are OOAK (one of a kind). Kids deserve to be the only ones with at least one thing in their wardrobe ;)

One added bonus of the bib is that it's reversible. So, if you wanted this side for drool and the other for messes. That's always an option. It's listed in my shop for $10
I have made 4 key fobs so far. Still need to get the key ring part. But, I've already picked one for me! I'll try to get pictures posted later. They're going to be perfect for Christmas stocking stuffers.
So, I went to the doctor on Monday and we will be finding out the baby's sex on September 25th!! So, excited. The doctor was trying to hear the heartbeat with the doppler and having problems finding it. Scared the crap out of me. So, he pushed in a little further. At 13 weeks that little baby pushed back and the doctor felt it. Pretty impressive considering the baby is only supposed to be about 3 1/2-4"! I'll be sure to keep you all posted. I should start taking bets My sister is convinced it's a boy and then I have friends that say girl. I have no clue either way. With my son I just knew he was a boy. We couldn't say she. Always said he. Could have been coincidence though. Who knows.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Bib Style! ~ For a truely style savvy baby ~

Introducing our new Bib Design!!

I was in need of something new. So, I sat and drafted a new pattern. I'm pleased with how it turned out! Don't you love the little crocheted flower? It was a PIF (pay it forward from etsy seller chelmorning). This is a one of a kind. I can't even list it in my shop yet. I was emailing a couple friends and relatives and one has already put a hold on it ;)

I was trying for one of a kind. I can't remember seeing a shape quite like this one. Can't wait to make a couple for me! Of course once I find out the sex of the baby. Which should be next month! This pregnancy is flying by.

Starting price will around be $10-12 depending on the detail. I'll be sure to post about the next one I make.

Friday, July 20, 2007

So...I've been a little busy ;)

Sorry I haven't posted in so long! I think this excuse will work though ;)

Around the last time I posted I found out I was pregnant! I have been out of commission. Today was the first time I touched my sewing machine since June. Poor thing. I have been extremely sick. But, I'm learning that the more active I am the better I feel. If that makes any sense. We're pretty excited. I'm due on Valentine's Day! As you can see my little bean in the making.

I surprised my guy with this card. Which I'm planning to make more and list them in my shop with the pregnancy test included. The reaction was priceless. I have been on a card making kick. So, when he saw this one. He did one of those oooh...I haven't seen a card like this before (very sarcastic). Then he opened it to see the pregnancy test. "Huh?? Are you really???" Neat reaction.

Anyway...that's where I have been. But, I'm going to try to keep posting!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Retro Goodness Diaper Bag/ Handbag

Isn't she cute???
I have been working on this little ditty for quite some time. Not sure why I lost my mojo in the middle. But, I started up a WIP Challenge on the EtsyKids site and this was my project in mind. WIP means work in progress. In other words the projects you start and for some reason just don't get back to. I'm so glad I got back to this one.
Like the label that is matching in green? I was playing around with making them when I got a new printer. After the cheapo Lexmark; replace every year printer called it quits. Guess I had a little frustration with it. It took me around 2 months to research the best printer. I ended up with a HP and love it.
See the new handle style? I decided that the handles slip around too much and did what I call the shoulder treatment to the strap. I basically folded the top shoulder resting area of the strap and sewed it together. It still gives the bag the proportion and same great look at the seam by the bag. But, now the strap is easier to use and keep on the shoulder. With little kids that's the last thing you want to worry about.
You can find it here:

My First Menu Plan Monday (

I was taking a look at all of the people doing this and figure I can do the same. Now you get to see what I make and what I eat ;) The order may switch around if I don't go to the grocery store.

Monday: Buffalo Chicken & Ranch Quesadillas (made up recipe)
Tuesday: Walking Tacos (The ones in the Frito's Bags)
Wednesday: Something Quick or "To Go"
Thursday: Eating at PF Chang's
Friday: Chicken Enchiladas (from another blogger)
Saturday: Bacon-Potato Burritos (not a tried recipe but sounds good)
Sunday: Bourbon Chicken on White Rice

Now lets see if I stick to it. I have been known to prefer eating out.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Oversized Burp Cloths Are Awesome...

I'm tooting my own Today I was spending time with friends. All of them had new babies. One of them I made this cheetah print gift set as a baby shower present. She just happened to have it there today. Her little lady was drooling all down my arm and I grabbed her burp cloth. It worked perfectly. Just the right size.

It covered my shoulder and the side of my arm where she was drooling! It was great to see all of that research had gone into the perfect burp cloth. It's a mandatory gift for new moms for me now!

Here are a couple of my others!

They're the perfect size since they can be used as a small changing pad when needed!

PS...for my blog readers I am offering $2 off each oversized burp cloth or Pampered Baby Gift Set until June 10th!!! Just mention you saw the special here. I don't have many in stock but if you email me I can make you a custom one from fabric you pick. But, without the custom price ;)
Discounted price $10.99 (normally $12.99 for 1 oversized burp cloth!!)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wordless Wednesday's - Summertime at the Beach

I thought it would be nice to include somethings about me. Included with all of my newest items and specials.
Here's my son...
My son playing with the sand.
My son & his Grandpa.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday...the Dreaded toy box!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

If you want to tackle it too click here
This week it's the toy box. I actually just upgraded to a craft basket on I used to put fabric in it. But, I obviously outgrew it. Now my fabric is all organized by color on a shelving unit. The other was one of those fabric cubes. I do not recommend them for toys! It was pretty much shredded from the in and out of toys. My little guy always complained when it was clean up time because the sides would collapse. So, this worked out for the both of us ;) May not be very stylish in the family room. But, it serves it's purpose! My goal is to build an ottoman with storage and upholster it in beautiful fabric for his toys. It's on my list of things to do!

Anyway...I'm going to sort through all the McDonald's toys and various other toys that always end up in that basket. Tossing the broken, misfit toys and trash that my son feels resembles toys and puts in

All the toys dumped out. I was surprised he actually wanted to get rid of toys with me!

Oooh...did you see the vintage toy??? I found that at a garage sale and cleaned and lysoled it to looking new. It's a fisher price cash register toy with the pretend money. Little guy loves it! I used to play with the same one when I was little. I was watching my friends son and that was the first toy he went to. Maybe I need to start buying the dated toys that don't involve AA batteries!


I have a new Addiction...Greeting Cards

Introducing the new Get Carried Away Greeting Cards...
Aren't they yummy???
I was sitting there last night and had an urge to play with paper. So, Joe was watching a movie and I was at the dining room table making these cards. I was pumping them out. I would finish one and think ooohhh....I gotta make one like this and this and use this Joe kept saying are you finished yet. I think it was after 1am at that point! You know how you get on one of those crafty surges of energy. It's a shame to fall asleep and not get one more in ;)

These are the Oh Baby cards.

I thought it would be nice to have these in my shop. Since most of my items are geared toward baby shower & new mom gifts. Then a customer can pick out a card to send with the item. I could even add a special message inside the card from the gift giver. Then they have nothing else to worry about.

Some baby cards are so boring and in the traditional "baby" colors. But, I think these are unique and perfect for the occasion. I'll be listing them soon.

Couple questions from a buyers point of view...

How much do you think I should charge for one?

Should I sell them as a set?

Would you want a mix of different greeting cards in a set (Themes ie birthday, anniversary, baby)?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

One more Trio...Tropical Get Away Burp Cloth Trio Gift Set

I was actually productive before 10 am!!! ;)
I just finished this set. I think it turned out really cute. There is one solid hot pink, one hibiscus print, and one that I quilted with both fabrics. I was wanting to make one extra special.
I also have a matching diaper and wipe clutch and oversized burp cloth in the same fabric. Apparently I like the fabric ;)
A picture of them folded in half. I really like this size. Plus they are so soft that if you are out and worried about your clothes. You can throw one of these over your shoulder for baby to rest on it snugly.
These remind me of little swiss rolls. The cakes. Maybe I should give them a better product line name.

We had a family night for the holiday weekend. Went to watch the Florence Freedoms play ball in Northern Kentucky. Joe knew a guy in the line up. The night was perfect for a baseball game. 85 degrees, a little breeze, and no mosquitoes! Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Aren't these adorable?? New Picnic in the Park Burp Cloth Trio

Don't you just love summer picnics? I was torn between calling these picnic in the park or summer barbecue. Which is better? I love to sell sets. Gives the customer a chance to have something coordinated and save on shipping.
Perfect for a boy or a girl. There is one in red baby corduroy, black & white gingham, and red & white gingham. All are lined in a soft fleece. Feels good on babies face. These would be perfect with my diaper bag in my shop...
I haven't decided whether to ship them like this or flat. Probably flat to save on shipping. But, it would look cute to arrive in the little bundle.
I'll be making more of these. Love to match of fabric. I just organized my fabric closet. Now all colors are organized separately. I think I am going to do a pink set next.
Will be listed at $17.00

On a side note. Thought this quiz was pretty fun. I apparently do not have an I am from Washington State though. But, I reside in Ohio now. So, I guess it's a mix of the two. Take the quiz and comment on what it said for you.

What American accent do you have?
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What American accent do you have?
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