Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Bib Style! ~ For a truely style savvy baby ~

Introducing our new Bib Design!!

I was in need of something new. So, I sat and drafted a new pattern. I'm pleased with how it turned out! Don't you love the little crocheted flower? It was a PIF (pay it forward from etsy seller chelmorning). This is a one of a kind. I can't even list it in my shop yet. I was emailing a couple friends and relatives and one has already put a hold on it ;)

I was trying for one of a kind. I can't remember seeing a shape quite like this one. Can't wait to make a couple for me! Of course once I find out the sex of the baby. Which should be next month! This pregnancy is flying by.

Starting price will around be $10-12 depending on the detail. I'll be sure to post about the next one I make.


April said...

Cute! I love that shape... and the flower detail is too cute!

Angela said...

Very cute bib! congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm glad you're feeling better!