Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Peachy Pink Pampered Baby Duo Gift Set

Peachy Pink Pampered Baby Duo Gift Set

I must say I worried when making this that it wouldn't look girly enough with white as the coordinating fabric. But I love it!

These Booties are even more adorable in person! So soft and the cute matching fabric on the bottom. Both are lined in white fleece that is so soft. Perfect for any little baby girl.

The set retails for $22.00
Can be sold separately...Booties $15 and Bib $8.99

See Pampered Baby Gift Sets here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=74509&section_id=5016569

A little added surprise with packaging!

Here are a couple examples of packages I just sent out or completed. I have been playing around with packaging ideas.

I think it's fun to open a package up that you bought yourself ;) and it feels like a present. A little surprise for the buyer I guess. There are actually little clips of curling ribbon in the box if you look closely. Not enough to make a mess. But, enough for that little added surprise. I just started packaging ideas. So, these customers got the first attempt! Which I think turned out cute.

This is one that was being hand delivered to a friend. It has a rolled up bib and coordinating booties inide. The tissue paper actually matches the material. I'll show those in the next post.

I actually used a rubber band with all the ribbon tied to it, then wrapped it around this one so that she could peak before giving it away as a gift. Then she can put it back on after and no one will ever know.

I guess packaging will depend on time. If I have a rush of orders it's more important to get them protected and in the mail. But, I love to add that little extra when I can!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

This one makes sense! A Rectangle Burp Cloth with a Spit Up Pocket!

Finally! Something to catch the run off ;)
After talking with a friend she said she always saw bibs with a little pocket. Why not a burp cloth with a pocket? So, I went to work designing her this one for after her son was born a week & 1/2 ago. It was my gift to her with the matching bib! By the way he's a doll! She has the matching diaper bag, nursing cover, bib, and now burp cloth! We'll call her a Get Carried Away frequent shopper ;)
I made it reversible since sometimes we want it to match ;) The pocket will reverse as well when flipped as seen in the picture above.
No more spit up run off! This burp cloth will catch it before it hits the floor, furniture or your clothes!
Update: I guess this idea is already out there. I honestly designed this one up in my head without seeing one...lol. Missed the boat on the this one I guess ;) So, for the sake of originality I won't be selling these burp cloths :( I have to be unique! I have the wheels cranking in my head so who knows what I will design with spit up in mind (sounded kinda funny).

New Pampered Baby Trio Gift Set in Baby Blue Plaid and Black!

New Pampered Baby Trio Gift Sets...

I love baby blue with black. It's so hard to find baby clothes that have even a smidge of black on them. This was a custom order for a friend. She was giving it as a baby shower gift to a mom that just had a little boy.

Included in the set is the oversized burp cloth, bib, and matching booties. All are coordinated in with the plaid and black fleece. Such a rare color combo for baby boys! I think it turned out adorable.

This is how I wrap it all up before sending it on to the client.
These retail at $30-35.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Contest to win a Dyson!!!

I just saw this contest on my friend Aimee's blog. The site 5 Minutes for Mom is giving away a DYSON!!! Cross your fingers I win ;) I took some time to check out the site and it's a great read. Here is a link to the contest & blog: http://www.5minutesformom.com/1343/dyson/