Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A little added surprise with packaging!

Here are a couple examples of packages I just sent out or completed. I have been playing around with packaging ideas.

I think it's fun to open a package up that you bought yourself ;) and it feels like a present. A little surprise for the buyer I guess. There are actually little clips of curling ribbon in the box if you look closely. Not enough to make a mess. But, enough for that little added surprise. I just started packaging ideas. So, these customers got the first attempt! Which I think turned out cute.

This is one that was being hand delivered to a friend. It has a rolled up bib and coordinating booties inide. The tissue paper actually matches the material. I'll show those in the next post.

I actually used a rubber band with all the ribbon tied to it, then wrapped it around this one so that she could peak before giving it away as a gift. Then she can put it back on after and no one will ever know.

I guess packaging will depend on time. If I have a rush of orders it's more important to get them protected and in the mail. But, I love to add that little extra when I can!

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