Monday, February 26, 2007

Introducing Little Red Riding Hood Diaper Bag - Baby Corduroy & Gingham Lining

Little Red Riding Hood Diaper Bag or Handbag
I love how this one turned out! It is ready for picnics in the spring, 4th of July, Christmas, & Valentine's Day. This purse will be perfect for you adorable little one anytime of the year! Perfect for moms that have boys or girls. Perfect for women who don't have babies but want a purse that will match everything all year long!
I'm in love with the red baby corduroy! The red & white gingham looks perfect and will hide stains. On sale now for $49.99! Be the first to own it ;)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Items!! The Baby Duo Lounger does double duty as a Changing Pad and a Clutch Style Diaper & Wipe Holder

The New Line of Style & Function
Here is a sneak peak at the new line: Get Carried Away with Function & Style!

Here is the new clutch style diaper and wipe holder. Perfect for any quick trip that you really don't want to haul the diaper bag too. It holds approximately 2 diapers and one travel wipes case.
The wipes case pictured is a Huggies travel holder and 2 size 4 Pampers. It has a velcro closure and is interfaced to give it a nice contoured look. I will be listing these in my store soon!
This is the Baby Duo Lounger. It doubles as a changing pad and a lounger. Your little lady will have all eyes on her when even a diaper change is done in style. It is lined in fleece for comfort and softness.
It measures 15 1/2" wide by 23 1/2" long. So babies that aren't rolling can lay and play without touching the ground while away from home. It also will give a lot more coverage on the dreaded changing tables in public restrooms! Folds up to fit in the diaper bag at around 7 3/4" square when folded! Fully washable. So, no need to worry about it getting dirty ;)

Monday, February 5, 2007

This Bag is Ready for Spring! Custom Order

Just finished this bag! It was a custom order for an amazing customer in Oregon. We talked back and forth about how to make her the perfect bag. She loves it! I like that it's simple but still unique. It will definitely stay unique because I only have a tiny bit of the fabric left. Will have to call this bag one of a
She was tired of carrying around two bags all the time. One purse for her and a diaper bag for the little one. So, she thought this was perfect and is making the switch to one bag. That's why we worked so closely together. Making sure the colors would match her usual wardrobe colors. But, she still wanted to come a little out of her shell and try something a little different. This is what we came up with.
The inside has the same Hampton Stripe but in the opposite direction. With the standard pockets and bottle/water bottle loop.
Perfect Match and ready for some warmer weather!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

This week has been filled with orders, business, and snow!

This was the other baby gift set I made this past weekend. isn't it adorable. The bottom of the booties is in the coordinating cheetah print. If that isn't girly...I don't know what is ;)

I have barely stepped away from the sewing machine this week. Between the snow and all of my new bag orders. I feel like I'm I have two more orders to complete. This bag above I have made two of this week. Just received a custom order from a lady in Oregon. So close to home. She's been great to work with. After lots of ideas being tossed around. She chose the Hampton stripe (soft blues, browns, greens, creams) with the khaki canvas. Lined in either brown or khaki. I'll be sure to post a picture when I get a chance. I had the bag in mind since September. So, I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. Love designing bags with customers. Gets my creativity going!

I have been restocking all of my supplies. Business Cards, Thank You Cards, and Gift Tags. Always a good sign when you have to make a ton more because you ran out.

***I just helped my friend Hilary who is an amazing baker set up shop tonight on Etsy. Please stop by her shop. I sat and watched her bake the mini banana loaves with streusel topping last night. They are yummy! My son actually grabbed one when we weren't looking and helped himself to a mini Don't worry she makes them to order; you'll get a fresh one ;) She's offering a promotional special on her mini loaves with streusel topping. She only has a couple more at the $1 for one mini loaf price (awesome price I might add ;). So, go get them now! She can list more if you want more and combine shipping.