Monday, February 5, 2007

This Bag is Ready for Spring! Custom Order

Just finished this bag! It was a custom order for an amazing customer in Oregon. We talked back and forth about how to make her the perfect bag. She loves it! I like that it's simple but still unique. It will definitely stay unique because I only have a tiny bit of the fabric left. Will have to call this bag one of a
She was tired of carrying around two bags all the time. One purse for her and a diaper bag for the little one. So, she thought this was perfect and is making the switch to one bag. That's why we worked so closely together. Making sure the colors would match her usual wardrobe colors. But, she still wanted to come a little out of her shell and try something a little different. This is what we came up with.
The inside has the same Hampton Stripe but in the opposite direction. With the standard pockets and bottle/water bottle loop.
Perfect Match and ready for some warmer weather!


Slings and Sacks said...

I love this bag! The colors are awesome and it is so clean looking. I'd have to say, this is my favorite one yet!

Jenette said...

You need to find more fabric like this! I love this bag.

So, should I order the same bag as Hilary, or are you going nuts keeping up with "real customers"? :):)