Sunday, December 31, 2006

Accessorize! No Bag is Complete without Matching Accessories!

If you could have "any" matching accessory, What would you want made? Click the comment link to tell me.
The bag and coin purses were a custom order for a sweet lady on Esty. I thought it turned out great. She bought her bag to use it as a Handbag. I try to meet every expectation of customers. So, if they want a coordinating Ipod case to go with. I can do it ;)
This was my first attempt at making a coin purse way back when. I thought it turned out perfect. I actually shocked I make them in different sizes too. This one was big enough to put a phone, stack of business cards, and money. Perfect size for those items in your bag you need instantly.
Just this fall I started making bibs. With some trial and error on the shape I liked. I created this one. It's a reversible bib. The other side is soft absorbing fleece. I have the plans in to start making baby booties. Just need to find the time.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Get Carried Away with Organization

Birthday & Anniversary Planner
By popular demand I just finished up my birthday & anniversary planner. Keep track of all of your friends & families important dates this year and forever. Since it's not a calendar you can keep it and remember everyone. Small enough to keep in your purse and cute enough to display! Perfect for yourself or to give as a gift. Your friends will wonder how you always remember everyone. So get one for yourself and one for your friend ;)


  • Limited Time only $14.99 (click the picture to be directed to site)
  • Measures 4 x 6"
  • Decorated cover and coordinating ribbon
  • Inside of cover says, "This planner belongs to:"
  • It is expandable and has rings that open
  • Organized by months
  • Includes the sign and birthstone of each month
  • Says Name ___________ and Date ___________ (to be filled in)
  • Fits up to 24 Birthday or Anniversaries per month
  • Fits up to 288 important dates

Friday, December 29, 2006

The story behind Get Carried Away

Welcome. My name is Amber. I am a designer living in the Midwest, but uprooted from Washington State. Yes, I know why do they always add state to the end??? If we don't the first response is DC? I moved out here to be with my college guy ;) Then we got settled, bought a house, and had our son Caden. He's now 2 1/2 and has a personality of his own.

After becoming a new mom I realized that there are so many things to carry, remember and do! What do we carry it all in you ask??? The free Similac bag from the hospital or how about Winnie the Pooh. Oh momma, are we styling I bought the Eddie Baurer Diaper Bag. The biggest one I could find. I was thinking well the more room the better. I'm rolling my eye's, can you feel it? What was I thinking? Of course, that became the travel bag and I resulted to using....the free Similac Bag. Nothing says style like that little black bag. So, out of frustration and a little curious temptation. I created my first Trendy Get Carried Away Diaper Bag. I thought I wonder if anyone else would like this bag too. What the heck. I'll list it on Ebay and see what happens. It sold and had awesome feedback! They liked it, they really liked it ;) Then friends, family, internet message board friends, and now customers all wanted one. So, I got sewing. I love making them. You want the honest truth?? I have made tons of bags and guess what? I haven't been able to keep one for myself. They fly off the machine and onto some lucky ladies shoulder. Pretty sad in a good way that I haven't been able to keep one for myself ;). I'll post when that day

The best part about my bags is they look great and they are functional. Plus they transition into your handbag after baby becomes a toddler and doesn't need diapers anymore. I have sold probably 50% to moms and the other 50% to ladies without babies that use it as a handbag. They even wanted the bottle loop for their water bottle. So, that shows a lot about them not looking like a diaper bag ;)
I am now venturing out a little with coordinating accessories. Like baby bibs, burp cloths, baby blankets, coin purses, ipod holders, and just recently organizers. So, take a look at my bags and Get Carried Away!