Monday, January 29, 2007

Introducing my new Welcome Baby Gift Set - Oversized Burp Cloth, Bib, and Matching Booties

I was invited to my friends baby shower this weekend....
I thought...I've got to come up with something new and different. My friends know what I She scored by getting two custom designed sets with her in mind all the way through ;) She received the purple paisley and the pink cheetah sets.
The burp cloth was designed with moms in mind. I did some research and asked what moms want in a burp cloth. Majority said that burp cloths were never big enough. They wanted them to be large enough to cover their entire shoulder and neck. It can be folded in half if someone needs less coverage. The sets can be made to match a diaper bag. Would be so cute all together. The set will be retailing for $27. It's not currently available in my store yet. But, if you leave a comment below I will try to get back to you and offer it to my blog readers now.
Aren't these booties adorable???? Pictured are the purple paisley and pink cheetah.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Busy behind the presser foot...

Busy, Busy...
Last week was a busy one. If my sewing machine & computer had a time clock check in/ would do a double check at the hours. I sold 3 bags and one bib. The one below is shown in progress here. I love the symmetry of this bag. I am a tad of a perfectionist and for some reason this bag is just appealing to look at. It's all for my customers and I want them to have something eye catching. Why should we settle for the norm when we can have something custom and unique.
I made this bag below for a good friend. She was giving it as a present for Christmas. Sometimes I like the simplicity of just the ribbon. By the way all of my bags can be made without the bow if I am asked prior to the sale. I am planning on listing another one soon. So, keep your eye out for it.
I'm working a new coin purse design. I randomly designed it in my head while making a bag yesterday. I'll try to post pictures soon as well. It will be more rounded then the envelope style. I need to actually list one of them in my store.

It finally snowed here in Ohio!!! I was beginning to wonder if we were going to have a I took little man out in it today. He loved it. I never bothered to buy gloves this year. With how warm it was. So, I put socks on his Quote me on this one, "Next time it snows (at least 3") I will build a snowman with him!" Okay, I'm going back to creating.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

When will you get a package from Get Carried Away?

What's in the box?
I just finished up another of the bag below. One of my personal favorites. It was an order from ETSY. Nice lady in Colorado who already loves it from the pictures alone :) I am going to be able to make maybe one or two more before I am out of the fabric. So, get it before it's gone!

The rest of the packages are vintage macrame books from ebay sales going out. Lots of people buying Christmas pattern books? I remember when my mom would macrame plant hangers. I should attempt to learn it with all of the new vintage pattern books around me. I'm liquidating a craft store that's why I have tons of new vintage craft books. She had tons of boxes in the store basement of every craft you can think of dated all the way back to the 50s!!! I'll have to start another post on all of the pattern books. Maybe sell them only to my blog readers at a discount rate.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Whatcha Got In Store For Us???

All on sale...

Here are some of my items currently on sale in my store. Just click the pictures to be directed. I didn't realize how much I had on sale. I am going through a pink phase. Every artist/designer has their phase. I could add Michael Miller Disco Dots to that list too. But, my phase is phasing It's time to focus on those mommies with boys or better yet. Mommies with both. My newest bag is awesome. It is the black & white disco dot bag with red lining. Featured in yesterdays blog.

Here are my most recently listed items...

I am in the creative designer mode. I have my sewing machines presser foot set on a purple bag coming soon. I just found some adorable purple gingham lining fabric for inside. I'll keep you posted on it.

I just recently picked up my knitting needles and made my son a cute scarf. I'll have to picture that soon. Me and the girls got together last week for a knitting night. I brushed up my skills again. I'm hoping to start making some cute baby booties to match the bags. I actually just made my first pair of sewn booties the other day in the blue & brown disco dot material (I know more disco dots "phase remember"). I am perfecting a new pattern. I hope to get them finished soon. How cute would it be to have a whole matching set? Diaper bag, bib, burp cloth, and cute booties. That would make a wonderful baby shower present.

My good friend from college had me create a custom bag for her expecting sister in law for Christmas. I was told it was the talk of the party. She loved it! We designed the Black & Ivory flower bag. I have another one available in my store. I plan to make myself one too if I don't run out of the fabric.

Off to create. Take care!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Black & White Disco Dot Diaper Bag/ Handbag

Finally a gender neutral bag!
Perfect for moms with boys, girls, or both! This is a one of a kind. I will not make another one like it. It's on sale for $37.99
I love red lining! Makes it a special surprise every time you get into it. It has black pockets as well to minimize noticeable spills or stains. It can be used as a diaper bag or a handbag. No need to carry a purse with your diaper bag when you have this bag. I can make matching accessories as well.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

A Trip In My Candy Store...Ribbon Obsession

Some people collect stamps and baseball cards. I on the other hand collect ribbon, fabric and scrapbook papers. I love to display my pretty ribbon in canisters. I get a lot of color inspiration just from taking a glance at them all pretty on the shelf. My ribbon obsession first began when I started scrapbooking. Although I was reluctant to use my ribbon I began hoarding it. Well the collection grew and grew. Then I started making my bags and loved how the ribbon added that extra touch. For some reason it was easier to let go of it when being sewn into a bag.
I have thought about doing a custom bag listings in my store. That way the customer could pick and choose the fabric and ribbon to build the perfect bag for themselves. I of course would lend a hand if the colors were not matching in person. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to coordinating colors. But, I would make it mismatched at their request ;)
Which ribbon would you want on your bag? (Post in comments)

Friday, January 5, 2007

Your Bag Deconstructed...

For the Love of the Bag...
I wanted to give a little more information as to how your bag is created. I must admit I am a perfectionist. I spend many hours making sure everything is perfect. From measuring to cutting to sewing. I get a lot of great creative energy in the evening hours. As you can tell from the glow of the sewing machine. I don't skip a detail with my bags. I double interface them so they aren't floppy and unstable. A good bag in my opinion should hold itself up. As a mom myself I try to think of things I would want or need a bag to offer. I then incorporate it into my bags & accessories.

My favorite part of making the bag is the finished product. I even throw it over my shoulder and give it a test drive. Make sure it looks good on ;) I just finished this bag for a customer on etsy. But, I first created it for a good friends Sister In Law.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Got Bibs? Designer Reversible Baby Bibs for a Trendy Baby

Got Bibs???
This is a group of my available reversible bibs. It took me a while to perfect the shape. But, these are my favorite! I have them in all colors & styles, girl, boy, or gender neutral. Majority of the bibs shown can have a matching diaper bag to go with. My newest ones have soft absorbent fleece on the back.
Hot off the machine is this adorable linen and flannel bib above. I am almost finished with the matching diaper bag. Love that fabric. It's girly but not too overpowering. They are currently on sale for $8.99 each!

I am planning to offer a bib of the month club. Where you can have a new bib sent a month or all 12 of them shipped at the same time. What a great gift for a new mom! Leave a comment if interested. I could even show you my fabric swatches and let you custom design. You would have the option of seasonal print if desired as well.

For a limited time I am offering $1 off one of my bibs to anyone who comments and mentions it to me on Etsy.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year!!! This would be the perfect bag to start 2007 Stylishly

Classic Black & Cream Flower Diaper Bag or Handbag
I am planning to make myself one of these. I love that it's just classy! Not to flashy but, definitely making a style statement. I saw this fabric and about bought the entire I have a son and the thought of carrying around a girly diaper bag makes me feel bad. If I had to leave it with him while being cared for by someone else. But, this one to me seems pretty neutral. Dad may not agree to carry it...but does he ever anyway??? Most of my wardrobe has a little black. So, it would look great with my style. Plus it matches my winter coat. Can't beat that.

It comes with all of the standard bells & whistles like two pockets, two pen size pockets and an elastic loop. I need to make a bib and burp cloth in the material. Maybe cute coin purse for use as a handbag.

See it's already Getting Carried (cheesy I know)

On Sale for only $39.99 in my store. Click the picture to be directed to it or click this link: