Thursday, January 18, 2007

When will you get a package from Get Carried Away?

What's in the box?
I just finished up another of the bag below. One of my personal favorites. It was an order from ETSY. Nice lady in Colorado who already loves it from the pictures alone :) I am going to be able to make maybe one or two more before I am out of the fabric. So, get it before it's gone!

The rest of the packages are vintage macrame books from ebay sales going out. Lots of people buying Christmas pattern books? I remember when my mom would macrame plant hangers. I should attempt to learn it with all of the new vintage pattern books around me. I'm liquidating a craft store that's why I have tons of new vintage craft books. She had tons of boxes in the store basement of every craft you can think of dated all the way back to the 50s!!! I'll have to start another post on all of the pattern books. Maybe sell them only to my blog readers at a discount rate.

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