Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year!!! This would be the perfect bag to start 2007 Stylishly

Classic Black & Cream Flower Diaper Bag or Handbag
I am planning to make myself one of these. I love that it's just classy! Not to flashy but, definitely making a style statement. I saw this fabric and about bought the entire bolt...lol. I have a son and the thought of carrying around a girly diaper bag makes me feel bad. If I had to leave it with him while being cared for by someone else. But, this one to me seems pretty neutral. Dad may not agree to carry it...but does he ever anyway??? Most of my wardrobe has a little black. So, it would look great with my style. Plus it matches my winter coat. Can't beat that.

It comes with all of the standard bells & whistles like two pockets, two pen size pockets and an elastic loop. I need to make a bib and burp cloth in the material. Maybe cute coin purse for use as a handbag.

See it's already Getting Carried Away...lol (cheesy I know)

On Sale for only $39.99 in my store. Click the picture to be directed to it or click this link:


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