Sunday, January 7, 2007

A Trip In My Candy Store...Ribbon Obsession

Some people collect stamps and baseball cards. I on the other hand collect ribbon, fabric and scrapbook papers. I love to display my pretty ribbon in canisters. I get a lot of color inspiration just from taking a glance at them all pretty on the shelf. My ribbon obsession first began when I started scrapbooking. Although I was reluctant to use my ribbon I began hoarding it. Well the collection grew and grew. Then I started making my bags and loved how the ribbon added that extra touch. For some reason it was easier to let go of it when being sewn into a bag.
I have thought about doing a custom bag listings in my store. That way the customer could pick and choose the fabric and ribbon to build the perfect bag for themselves. I of course would lend a hand if the colors were not matching in person. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to coordinating colors. But, I would make it mismatched at their request ;)
Which ribbon would you want on your bag? (Post in comments)

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Jenette said...

Ok, I like the argyle one in the top picture, the pink snowflaky one, and the stiped one in the bottom.

You are as obsessed with ribbon as I am with yarn. Of course, I can't afford to indulge all of my yarn yearnings--- nor do I have the space to store all of the yarn I want! :)