Sunday, January 14, 2007

Whatcha Got In Store For Us???

All on sale...

Here are some of my items currently on sale in my store. Just click the pictures to be directed. I didn't realize how much I had on sale. I am going through a pink phase. Every artist/designer has their phase. I could add Michael Miller Disco Dots to that list too. But, my phase is phasing It's time to focus on those mommies with boys or better yet. Mommies with both. My newest bag is awesome. It is the black & white disco dot bag with red lining. Featured in yesterdays blog.

Here are my most recently listed items...

I am in the creative designer mode. I have my sewing machines presser foot set on a purple bag coming soon. I just found some adorable purple gingham lining fabric for inside. I'll keep you posted on it.

I just recently picked up my knitting needles and made my son a cute scarf. I'll have to picture that soon. Me and the girls got together last week for a knitting night. I brushed up my skills again. I'm hoping to start making some cute baby booties to match the bags. I actually just made my first pair of sewn booties the other day in the blue & brown disco dot material (I know more disco dots "phase remember"). I am perfecting a new pattern. I hope to get them finished soon. How cute would it be to have a whole matching set? Diaper bag, bib, burp cloth, and cute booties. That would make a wonderful baby shower present.

My good friend from college had me create a custom bag for her expecting sister in law for Christmas. I was told it was the talk of the party. She loved it! We designed the Black & Ivory flower bag. I have another one available in my store. I plan to make myself one too if I don't run out of the fabric.

Off to create. Take care!

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Slings and Sacks said...

I'm excited about the purple one!