Monday, January 22, 2007

Busy behind the presser foot...

Busy, Busy...
Last week was a busy one. If my sewing machine & computer had a time clock check in/ would do a double check at the hours. I sold 3 bags and one bib. The one below is shown in progress here. I love the symmetry of this bag. I am a tad of a perfectionist and for some reason this bag is just appealing to look at. It's all for my customers and I want them to have something eye catching. Why should we settle for the norm when we can have something custom and unique.
I made this bag below for a good friend. She was giving it as a present for Christmas. Sometimes I like the simplicity of just the ribbon. By the way all of my bags can be made without the bow if I am asked prior to the sale. I am planning on listing another one soon. So, keep your eye out for it.
I'm working a new coin purse design. I randomly designed it in my head while making a bag yesterday. I'll try to post pictures soon as well. It will be more rounded then the envelope style. I need to actually list one of them in my store.

It finally snowed here in Ohio!!! I was beginning to wonder if we were going to have a I took little man out in it today. He loved it. I never bothered to buy gloves this year. With how warm it was. So, I put socks on his Quote me on this one, "Next time it snows (at least 3") I will build a snowman with him!" Okay, I'm going back to creating.

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