Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday...the Dreaded toy box!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

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This week it's the toy box. I actually just upgraded to a craft basket on wheels...lol. I used to put fabric in it. But, I obviously outgrew it. Now my fabric is all organized by color on a shelving unit. The other was one of those fabric cubes. I do not recommend them for toys! It was pretty much shredded from the in and out of toys. My little guy always complained when it was clean up time because the sides would collapse. So, this worked out for the both of us ;) May not be very stylish in the family room. But, it serves it's purpose! My goal is to build an ottoman with storage and upholster it in beautiful fabric for his toys. It's on my list of things to do!

Anyway...I'm going to sort through all the McDonald's toys and various other toys that always end up in that basket. Tossing the broken, misfit toys and trash that my son feels resembles toys and puts in there...lol.

All the toys dumped out. I was surprised he actually wanted to get rid of toys with me!

Oooh...did you see the vintage toy??? I found that at a garage sale and cleaned and lysoled it to looking new. It's a fisher price cash register toy with the pretend money. Little guy loves it! I used to play with the same one when I was little. I was watching my friends son and that was the first toy he went to. Maybe I need to start buying the dated toys that don't involve AA batteries!



Ruth :) said...

Oh me, oh my .... can I relate to that tackle!!!! GREAT JOB!!! :)

LOVE the site!! :) I browsed way too long this afternoon - I'll be back! :)

Stop by my site and enter a drawing to celebrate my new site!! :)


Great Tackle today!!!

Ruth :)

HsKubes said...

The toy box seems to be an ongoing tackle for us. Every few months I find myself purging the toy box. You did a great job!
Thanks for visiting my tackle. I knew the washing machine really did eat socks! lol

~ Christina

Marcia said...

Amber, your stuff is beautiful!!! ANd I can see why that bag is your number 1 seller - absolutely gorgeous.

I have a bag obsession actually. Hi, I'm Marcia and I'm a bag-oholic. (everybody...Hello Marcia).

Seriously stunning stuff!

SeasideQuilts said...

Wow! Good job!