Friday, May 11, 2007

Material Girl Clutch Style Diaper & Wipes Holder (LOVE IT!)

Material Girl
Reminds me of the dress Madonna was wearing in the video down to the bow. I can remember watching the video when I was a little and wish I had that dress. Wear would I have worn it is the question??? That would have made for a serious dress up outfit.

I love this fabric. I actually bought it while at home in Washington last summer. If I had enough I would make sheets out of it. So, silky and soft.
This could be used for on the go or a night out on the town without baby. I have a feeling this one will sell fast.
Enough room to hold 2-3 diapers and a wipes case. Probably a tube of diaper rash cream too. on Sale for $17.99 like the others in my shop (normally $20-25)


My Little Cuddle-Bugs said...

I love this!! Great job Amber, so classy!

Made by Melissa said...

That is too cute! I love that fabric, the bow really makes it.

PSBBDesigns said...

You do such adorable work, Amber!

You've been tagged. See my website for details.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond cute! Gosh I wish I had a girl.....

Ali said...

oh that is so pretty!! Very cute and dainty!