Wednesday, May 9, 2007

She's Finished!!! It's the New Purple Paisley Diaper Bag with Gingham Lining

Purple Paisley Diaper Bag with Gingham Lining
Don't you just love gingham? I just finished making this bag. I'll be listing it in a minute. It's so hard to find a purple diaper bag. So, for the purple lovers out there...this one is for you ;)
Reminds me of a picnic basket lining. Fun, fun.
I am almost finished making a diaper and wipes clutch that is the same fabrics. I am on a roll with my designing this week. Feels good to get my mojo back.
It's $49.99 and will be the first and last like it. So, no worries of having the same bag. You'll be the only one in the world to carry it!!!


Jenette said...

I WANT!!!!

Little Elephant Company said...

I love it! I just wish I were having a girl this last time...but I have lots of fun with my boys! But maybe as a big purse for me...Darn, Mother's Day was yesterday!