Monday, May 14, 2007

I've been tagged....finally something about me on here ;)

I was tagged by PSBBDesigns to write 7 random facts about myself.

Lets see...

  1. I am on the internet pretty much all day long. The computer & internet are on all day long. I'm not on it all day long, but I will hop on whenever I have a minute or two or
  2. I am from Tacoma, Washington. Grew up there my entire life. Moved to Ohio to be with my college guy back in 2002. Almost my entire family lives there still.
  3. I am an assistant organizer of a playgroup. Which I am very active in. I try to keep my son busy and myself too ;) Gotta love moms night out every month too.
  4. When I was a Senior in college I went to Jamaica for spring break by myself!!! My friend canceled last minute for our trip to Florida. So, I picked up a phone and got a travel agent to make my spring break happen within 24hrs. She was so nervous and kept saying this is all inclusive you do not need to leave the property! LOL. It was the best experience of my life. Besides having my son.
  5. I have a fabric, ribbon and scrapbook obsession. Can't have enough of any of it!
  6. I once fell asleep during a root canal. Give me laughing gas and I'm out.
  7. I am called the "Google Queen" by friends. I love when people say they can't find something and I find it for them.

I'm tagging:


Made by Melissa said...

Thanks for the tag! Now I need to find people to tag too.

I still can't believe you went to Jamaica by yourself. I would be so terrified to do that.

LuluKnits said...

This is fun; thanks for the tag! I enjoyed reading your fun facts!

PSBBDesigns said...

Good for you for going to Jamaica on your own!

And falling asleep during a root canal? If I knew I would do that, I'd go get my two teeth capped that are cracked. :-)