Thursday, May 3, 2007

Retro Flowers Diaper Bag and One Overly Satisfied Customer!

Isn't it cute?????
Time has flown since my last post! I just designed this bag for my friend. Her face when it was done was She must have said at least 3 or 4 times during lunch how much she loved her new bag. She even switched everything over from her old diaper bag during lunch.

She picked this fabric out of tons of my samples. I had this bag pictured when I bought the fabric way back when. She was the perfect customer for it! She loves that she won't see anyone else carrying around the same bag.

Gotta love the orange lining! A little risky yes...but the bag wouldn't be complete without it!


Slings and Sacks said...

I LOVE it! So bold and beautiful. You seem to outdo yourself with every new bag!

angelique said...

I LOVE it too! You did a great job. Very stylish, fun and functional. I like the fabric too...I have some myself. :-) I made a gadget bag with it a while back.

Anonymous said...

As the proud owner of this bag I have to say I think it's the cutest bag EVER made! Anywhere!!!