Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wristlet Style Key Fobs (Keychains) Just in Time For Warm Weather

So, I have become slightly obsessed with making these Key Fobs. I love them! I have about 60 made right now! I just counted. That's pretty crazy. I think the problem is I find fabrics at a local fabric shop and pick them specifically for the key fobs. I have a little problem with buying fabric. They're all so yummy. You can find more details about my Wristlet Key Fobs here. Like the dimensions etc. I was selling them on a favorite website of mine and one lady commented that they are perfect for all of the upcoming Spring and Summer activities. Like going to amusement parks, water parks, and anywhere where you needs your hands free for other things. I love these since I have a little one in my arms constantly. I find myself forgetting it's even on my So, here is my Spring and Summer Collection. Sure to be a favorite in there for many of you. Keep in mind if I have multiples of one Wristlet Key Fob that the placement of the fabric may change. But it will be the same fabric!

**2 Sold (3 more available)**1a.) Retro Flowers on Brown - Brown Interior (3)

2a.) Silly Monkeys - Brown Interior (3)

3a.) Classy Black & White Scroll - Black Interior (3)

4a.) Pink Whimsical Love - Orange Interior (3)

**1 Sold (3 more available)**5a.) Lime Whimsical Love - Same on Interior (3)

6a.) Chocolate & Pink Flower - Brown interior (Sold)

7a.) Flower Power - Orange Interior (1)

8a.) Purple Paisley - Same on Interior (2)

9a.) Glamorous Pink & Chocolate - Brown Interior (1)

10a.) Glamorous Pink & Chocolate - Brown Interior (1)

11a.) Pink & Chocolate Disco Dot - Brown Interior (1)

12a.) Pink & Chocolate Disco Dot - Brown Interior (1)

1b.) Retro Flowers - Mint Interior (1)

2b.) Retro Flowers - Mint Interior (1)

3b.) Blue Polka Dot - Blue & White Plaid (1)

4b.) Blue Polka Dot- Blue & White Plaid (1)

5b.) Lime Daises - Blue & White Plaid (2)

6b.) Lime Daises - Blue & White Plaid (2)

7b.) Floral Paisley - Brown Interior (2)

8b.) Floral Paisley - brown Interior (2)

9b.) Pink Flowers on Brown - Brown Interior (2)

10b.) Pink Flowers on Brown - Brown Interior (2)

11b.) Diamond Scroll in Maroon - Brown Interior (3)

12b.) Diamond Scroll in Pink & Brown - Brown Interior (3)

13b.) Pink & Chocolate Lattice - Brown Interior (4)

14b.) Cherries - Red Plaid or Red Interior (4)

15b.) Pink Hampton's Stripe - Khaki Interior (last one)

...and my favorites!!!

16b.) Cherry Lemonade on Blue - Red Plaid Interior (4)

17b.) Cherry Lemonade on Green - Red Plaid Interior (3)

18b.) Pinky Red Paisley - Red Interior (3)

19b.) Grandma's Garden - White Interior (4)

20b.) Black & White Floral Paisley - Black Interior (5)

Special for $5.50 each plus shipping!!!

Normally $6.50

Email me at Shipping shouldn't be much 2 First Class were $1.85 so one would be around a $1.55 to ship. ~I can accept PayPal, Credit Cards, and Money Orders. Possibly willing to trade. I will update as they are sold. Custom orders pm me for fabric samples!

Custom Orders available $6.50 each.


Life has been crazy as usual. The boys both had birthday's. Can't believe little guy is already 1 year old. Big guy is already 5!!! Starting Kindergarten in the Fall. Crazy how fast they grow up. Fabric shopping as usual. Getting ready for the warm up in the weather too!


I have been working on some projects and ideas lately. First I am in the middle of sewing a new purse. It's a cute pleated purse. I need more mojo and time to finish it ;) Pictures to come. I'm also in the process of designing new Designer Grocery Bags. My little part to help keep the plastic bags from piling up in the landfills and keep you stylish at the grocery You won't want to forget them at home ;)

Hope all is well in your life. Look forward to reading your comments.


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Anonymous said...

You are so talented. The Key Fob is a fantastic idea and I love the fabrics.
Happy Happy Thursday Amber!
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