Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Power of a Simple Hug

Our block is pretty quiet and to themselves. Weird compared to the blocks I lived on growing up. But, I always try to talk to the people that live on our street. Well, the newest couple was older...maybe in their 80's. I always said hi and talked if I had a minute. Well, I asked how she was and she said not good. I asked why and she said her husband had a stroke and passed away two weeks ago. I felt so bad. I can't imagine being alone after being with someone for so long. I don't know her that well. But, I gave her a hug and told her I would pray for her and to ask if she needed anything.

On our Learning to be Nice week we plan to make something for her. Little Man's idea. Not sure if you guys remember that "Free Hugs Campaign" You Tube video awhile back about hugging. I cried when I watched it the first time (add every time But, I remembered that video and gave her a hug. Weird how a hug can mean so much. I know that sounds goofy. But, in my head I was thinking will she think it's weird and instead I just did it. She even asked my son for a hug after and the little goober chickened out and took off running. I'm going to try to hug more often :) Now to just work on little man's hugging etiquette :). He of course didn't hear the conversation about her losing her husband. I explained that later and told him it was okay to hug her if she asked.

My Grandma with my cousins daughter

My family actually wasn't very huggy growing up. Then I moved away to college near my dad and my step family is very huggy. I actually learned to give a real hug from them. You know the ones that make you feel good. Well, I brought that back home with me on my first break from college. I'm glad I did because my Grandma passed my Junior year in college and I can't imagine not getting lots of hugs from her before she passed away. Now my family hugs without me there. Which makes me happy.

I found the link. Worth watching.

Now go hug someone ;)

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Robin said...

I heart hugs...() consider yourself hugged!
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