Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3 Day City Wide Garage Sale

I was gone all weekend at garage sales. The city I live in holds an annual garage sale where pretty much every block has at least 2 houses participating. Lots of traffic. But, lots of fun. My poor boys got pulled along on a walking garage sale tour...lol. I figured the traffic is a pain. So, we would just walk. So, I couldn't buy anything big. Since it wouldn't fit in the stroller. Lots of what looks to be junk. But, I have plans of making the the 2 plastic picture frames into chalkboards. One for the kitchen and one for my oldest son. I spent a whopping $.50 each...lol. Gotta love that bird...hehe. I'm trying to decide if I want to keep the clock. Might be kinda neat looking and one of a kind. Hopefully, you'll see there transformation soon.

The Perogie maker from 1984! Looks like it was never used. Only $.75 and I figure one use will make it worth it. It makes other stuff too. I'm thinking of making little pizza rolls. Joe goes through those fast. Basically, you roll out your dough, put it on top of the form, make indentations into the compartments (24 I think), put in your favorite filling, then put on a top layer of dough, use a rolling pin to create the seal and perforate the edges, flip and they all pop out! I guess I like a new tool for the kitchen.

Then my last purchase. The little Rolodex for $1.50. Guess it's not really little. I have to think of another use. My cell is my personal rolodex...minus addresses. But, the size is great and the little compartments can be removed to hold longer items. Maybe for mail on the counter. Do you think spray paint would work on it? Not a fan of oak.

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