Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: Mountain of Coupons

Holy Mountain of Coupons!!!!!!!!

I am a big couponer as you can tell from the pile of just coupons...no ads in there. I wish! I normally only buy 2 Sunday Papers a week. But, Joe's Mom, Grandma, and sometimes sister give me there coupons. So, I get them at random times. Life gets crazy and I put off the new coupons added to the pile. Well, I made it my goal to tackle this pile for Tackle It Tuesday.
Here is how I clip my coupons. I clear the table, then lay out each page and stack the second, third set etc on top. It makes a fun matching game for my son. He loves that part. See...coupons are educational too...lol. This particular Smart Source I had 8 of!!!!! Then I cut them in stacks.
Then I sort them into like piles. Laundry, free's, juice, snacks, etc. Then I file them away in my never left at home coupon holder. Which I even took the time and pulled all of the expired. That's a task in itself. It's super organized now!
It is stuffed to the brim after adding all of the new coupons!
She's all ready for Super Double coupons at K-Mart now...lol. They are doubling in most areas right now up to $2 coupons ($4!). Check your ad. It's worth the trip.

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sewingchick said...

Good job! I just did that last Sunday after a trip to my grandma's house yielded two months worth of coupons she saved for me :) I keep mine in a photo album for easy viewing.

The Kmarts around here only doubled coupons up to 75c. Our Krogers double coupons up to 99c everyday so the Kmart deal isn't nearly as good unfortunately. I really wish stores would keep their sales the same in all parts of the country. Argh!