Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Walking Down Memory Lane...My Boys

I stayed up late last night watching old home movies of my boys. I found myself tearing up. Crazy how fast they grow up. Watching their little personalities grow and develop with them. I'm so glad I have the video function on my camera! I can't imagine not being able to see how they once were. Funny. My boys are like little clones. They make similar sounds (my oldest when he was a baby) and look very similar. The little curls on the back of their hair flip the same way.

Here is a picture of my oldest. He's my perfectionist in training. More mellow, loves to talk, do craft projects, relax, articulate, and is always content.
Here is my youngest. He's going to be the life of the party. He is a little comedian, likes things his way (hoping that's just the, explorer, snuggler, and basically a little firecracker.

They are my little Yin & Yang ;)

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Robin said...

They are darling! It's pretty amazing how very different that #1 and #2 can be! God truly makes each child so unique~
Beautiful boys~
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