Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Card and Tutorial

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I finally got to play with my paper ;) My boys joined in and made cards for their grandma's. I focused on my mom in Washington. I haven't spent Mother's Day with her since around 2001 :( One of the drawbacks of moving away. But, I try to visit every year. Anyway....back to the card.

  • White Card stock

  • 2 different sheets or scraps of scrapbook paper

  • Printed out on white card stock "Happy Mother's Day" I outlined mine in a black square.

  • Glue Stick or adhesive

  • Paper trimmer and/or scissors

I made a handmade card out of white card stock. Picked the size I wanted and folded in half. Then I cut two different colors with a 1/4" border surrounding the card.Added what I call a belt ;) One strip of white paper and a skinnier strip of black.

Little man tried to help with his sneaky grin and not going to match tasty yellow

I then glued the saying on and tah-dah. A pretty card on it's way to my mom with a matching key fob I made (see them below). Now, go get some paper and make a nice card for your mom. It's easy and Hallmark can't compare to the TLC from something homemade.

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