Friday, May 1, 2009

How Do You Store and Organize Your Recipes?

Domestic Craftiness ;)
I have been thinking of finally beautifying my recipe collection...aka stack of index cards. I really want to feel inspired when I go to cook or bake. Seems like a win/win. I try to always print on a 4x6 index card. I just like the feel of a card and I have it formatted on my computer. So, once I find a recipe I just copy, paste and print. I personally like to cook with one recipe in front of me. Plus when you print your own you can add permanent notes.

So, I thought about putting the 4x6" cards into a photo album (2 slots per page). I could flip through them and have them all in one place. If I grow out of it I can have specific binders. Like desserts, dinners, etc. I can also scrapbook the dividers and the cover. That way it's personal and not boring. Plus it will be organized and easy to thumb through! I could even have the top slot be a picture with the recipe below. But, baby steps

My other idea I have had since the lunchbox craze way back when. I actually made my mom one for Christmas in vintage inspired Granny's Kitchen by SEI. Her kitchen matched the style. Never did take a picture of it though...darn. Next trip to Washington I'll have to remember. I had made different ones that I sold to customers. A wedding planner, mom planners, and recipe holder. I loved those things. So hard to part with! I even used my oil paints for the flowers.

So, how do you organize and store your recipes?

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